• We provide an honest, thorough front line evaluation of all properties viewed. You know what you like, we are there to take a hard look at costly items that you, as a Buyer, may not readily identify.

  • Our experience in the market place is invaluable when searching for that perfect home as we can explain the external influences that might negatively affect the future value of an otherwise perfect home.

  • This is a huge investment and we both understand and respect that as such. You set the pace and we keep in step. Our philosophy is that this process takes exactly as long as it takes. You set the calendar We have 5 representatives ready to help and ensure that if there is a property you'd like to see, one of us will be available to show you the property at your convenience.

  • We are part of the process from beginning to end, and then some, to answer all questions and navigate this complicated frontier.

  • Access to assorted trusted professionals such as Home Inspectors and lawyers to assist with your purchase.

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