We provide a comprehensive evaluation accessing the same data and info relied upon by purchaser's when valuing a property. In tandem with that hard data, we use our extensive experience in home sales to determine which selling strategy will be employed for optimum results.

After a detailed walk thru of your property, we will offer suggestions and ideas to best market your home, with an eye to create an appealing presentation to maximize the number of buyers. Floor plans are created to allow the purchaser to take away a workable template as they determine how they may fit their physical lifestyle into the space as well as answer questions about the property, long after the showing has concluded.

We provide a Home Pre Inspection which allows you to remedy or improve any outstanding issues that may cause a potential Buyer to hesitate on making a favourable decision. We'll create professional photos and brochures to ensure your property is always top of mind after showings. We advertise in local papers as well as on line, and can offer optional Open Houses assuming they fit into Seller's schedule and plan. You'll have access to assorted trusted professionals you might need to help in preparation for sale.

  • We have extensive experience in home sales and real estate strategies.

  • We create floorplans for your home that offers the purchaser a great way to help visualize the space and remember your home after the viewing.

  • We create professional photographs of your home that will look great in print and web media. Over 90% of buyers decide what homes they want to look at based on online photos.

  • Most buyers form an opinion about a home within the first 7-10 seconds of arriving. We'll advise you on how to give them the best impression possible.

  • We can provide a professional marketing strategy that will advertise your home in the local papers, as well as online.

  • You will have access to our team of highly experienced and trusted professionals that will help make your home stand out in prospective buyers’ minds.