Frequently used Terminology when Buying and Selling a Home you must understand before jumping in.

  • What is an Estoppel or Status Certificate? Why should your lawyer review it?
  • What is the difference between Power of Attorney and Executor/Executrix?
  • What is a Probate Certificate and why must it be in hand before you can convey Title?
  • What are implications if a deceased person is Intestate?
  • What are the implication of Buying a property listed as a Foreclosure or Power of Sale?
  • Patent or Latent Defects and why you should pay attention?
  • Home Inspection or Home Pre-inspection
  • CMHC Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation requires a Buyer to pay for Mortgage Insurance when they have less than 20% down? Why, how much and who and who is the beneficiary?
  • Understanding Bridge Financing and how do you qualify?
  • What is the difference between a Pre Approval vs Approval in terms of Financing?
  • Land Transfer Taxes - when do you pay one and when do you pay two?
  • Commissions and HST - who pays and how much?
  • What does it mean if there is a stigma attached to a property and what must you disclose?
  • Is Tenancy Joint or Tenants in Common and why the differentiating is critical?

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