There are very few other decisions that we make, throughout our lifetime, that have such an impactful effect on our finances, lifestyle, education , ability to remain independent, proximity to family, babysitters, work, or places of worship.

Every person who has comes to us, effectively provides a puzzle, and it is up to us to put the pieces together. No two searches are the same, nor are the individuals we represent. Each search involves matching different budgets, space requirements and locations.

How long does the process take? Our answer is always the same. It takes as long as it takes. From our personal experience with our own home purchases, we get how important this is, and treat every buy or sell as if we were buying or selling for ourselves. Such a critical personal decision must be advocated for you, with no clock running. We keep in step with you.

We have been privileged over the years to both play a critical role as well as witness some incredible moments with our clients. The Buying of the first home, and the bittersweet relief of letting go of the storied family home, for a price that would make their parents proud, with a healthy legacy left behind. Assisting with empathy, sensitivity, and a clear focus on letting clients take the lead, we have helped spouses leave the homes they shared with a late loved one for many years.

We have witnessed a plethora of emotions -- euphoria, stress, confusion and, at times, intense sadness. We know it is so much more than just the house. The house is simply the roof over which people live and who ultimately make it their home. We help people Buy and Sell homes with the main focus, laser pointed at the client’s needs and interests.

These are the qualities and objectives you need in a Representative. This is who we are, how we work, and how we protect your interests in the long game. Short games are impulsive, not well thought out and wide open for error. We will navigate the toughest situations on your behalf. We are always open to be interviewed!

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