Preparation Steps for Home Sale

  1. Do a walk thru of the property, inside and outside to have an objective view for items or small tasks that might be done to optimize the appearance of property.

  2. Make a list of these items, determine cost, time requirement and decide if they will assist in the sale or add value to bottom line.

  3. De clutter. If you can pick it up, store it, recycle, gift it or throw away. Less is always more, and when a prospective buyer enters your home, you want them to see their possible home, not visiting yours.

  4. Organize cupboards and closets. This tells prospective buyers there is room for everything. An over loaded closet suggests there is not enough storage.

  5. Wipe down furnace and water heaters for a newer, well kept appearance. Change filters as well. Replace all burnt out light bulbs.

  6. Have a file of any recent improvements available for review, such as roofing, plumbing, or furnace contracts.

  7. Remove all artificial plants. Although they can be pleasing to the owner, they tend to collect dust and date the home.

  8. Reduce amount of personal photos and documents such as diplomas. We want people looking at the home and not be distracted by these items.

  9. Begin packing and store boxes neatly in garage or furnace room.

  10. If you have pets, do your best to find alternate living arrangements during sale. It can be upsetting for a pet to have these strange faces coming thru and a worry about their safety if they slip out during a showing.